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Federal & State
Managed Fund Control

The management and disbursement of the Federal and State Grant Fund involve meticulous oversight to ensure that funds are utilized effectively and efficiently. This oversight extends from the initial application review and award underwriting processes to monitoring the implementation of projects through in-person site inspections.

Our HPP CARES grant administrators are dedicated to guaranteeing that funds are directed towards a diverse range of projects, from small-scale property owner initiatives to large-scale state and federally funded endeavors. We emphasize the importance of maintaining control over fund disbursements, ensuring that they align with established metrics and drive tangible results.

By conducting thorough in-person site inspections, we ascertain that projects progress in a timely manner and adhere to prescribed standards. Whether it's supporting commercial multi-family developments, addressing homelessness encampments, or facilitating small-scale accessory dwelling unit constructions, our focus remains on delivering assurance and accountability throughout the process.

We take pride in our ability to swiftly and efficiently inspect projects, thereby keeping them on track and facilitating the provision of necessary metrics and surveys. Our commitment lies in ensuring that actions are promptly taken upon the release of funds, thereby maximizing the impact of every dollar invested.

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