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Contractor Evaluation - Vetting Contractor

During the underwriting process for a construction loan, the focus often lies on assessing various aspects, yet one crucial figure in the construction process, the general contractor, may be overlooked without a Contractor Evaluation. HPP CARES offers comprehensive Contractor Evaluations, delving into the qualifications and capacities of the General Contractor to ensure their capability to successfully execute the project.

What's Included

A Contractor Evaluation entails an assessment of the following aspects:

  • Financial Statements

  • Past company experience, including typical work, major projects completed, and business volume

  • Personnel, encompassing employees, subcontractors, and suppliers

  • Equipment and procedures, such as software and methodologies employed for cost estimation and monitoring

  • Work in progress

  • Details regarding their safety program

  • Ensuring appropriate licenses are held

  • Plans for future expansion or growth

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