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Construction Status Review

Construction Project Status Assessment

Has your construction project come to a halt? In such circumstances, reaching a consensus and documenting the current construction status becomes imperative to mitigate property-related impacts. Apart from understanding the physical progress of the project, it's essential to assess the status of design, entitlement, procurement, and project finances. This knowledge proves beneficial for project resumption and handling potential change order requests in the future. A Construction Status Review entails a third-party assessment of the property, examination of pertinent documentation, and interviews with key stakeholders. The review can be customized to your requirements, ranging from documenting the construction status to comprehensive evaluations. This may involve collecting and scrutinizing contracts, subcontracts, lien releases, plans, specifications, submittals, inventory of materials both on- and off-site, project weatherization measures, and more.

Collecting and Reviewing Key Documents
Pre-Construction Phase
Interviewing Key Stakeholders
Pre-Construction Phase
Reviewing and Documenting Site Conditions

During project shutdowns, it's advisable to reach agreement on payments for work completed to date. Sometimes, contractors may overestimate the value of Work-in-Place to increase working capital. Thus, carefully scrutinizing pay applications is essential to ensure payments align with the actual work performed.

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