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Construction Progress
Monitoring – Inspection

Construction lenders frequently mandate us to serve as their on-site representatives and provide updates on project advancement. Through Construction Progress Monitoring, HPP CARES conducts routine or monthly assessments of construction progress at the site to ensure alignment with contractual obligations. We verify client-provided data, evaluate project status, construction operations, and collateral status. Our assessors visit the site as directed or according to a predetermined schedule, producing written reports to ascertain completion of required improvements and adherence to the client's scope of work.

What's Involved

While on-site, HPP CARES’ inspector will conduct, at a minimum, the following assessments:

  • Observation of construction work to determine its level of completion.

  • Evaluation of general compliance with the bank's interpretation of the GC Contract.

  • Assessment of the adequacy of materials and workmanship.

  • Verification of compliance with the provisions outlined in the construction loan agreement.

  • Confirmation of the adequacy of the contractor's payment application.

  • Identification and reporting of construction changes, as well as potential and pending change orders.

  • Reporting on the status of stored materials and, upon request, off-site materials.

  • Evaluation of adherence to the construction schedule.

  • Verification of quality control measures implemented by relevant agencies, architects, engineers, material testing laboratories, and qualified construction inspectors.

  • Assessment of on-site labor adequacy and identification of potential work hindrances or stoppages.

  • If requested, assessment of remaining funds sufficiency to complete the project, with appropriate recommendations.

  • Confirmation that all major contract payment applications are accompanied by current conditional and unconditional lien releases.

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